Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto is surrounded by quiet beaches, scenic vistas, and an astounding natural habit. Set within Danzante Bay, the resort features 4,447 acres of unspoiled beauty. The region showcases 155 miles of coastline, 465 square miles of sea, and 5 islands. At the Islands of Loréto, we cherish the natural beauty that surrounds us and are constantly working to ensure that this beauty is around for future generations to enjoy. As a means to preserve this magical paradise, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto is practicing the following Eco-Friendly Green Initiatives.

Solar Panels: Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto has roofs that are lined with a total of 38 solar panels, which are dispersed throughout the resort. Since the resort is located in an area that has more than 300 sunny days per year we are able to rely on solar panels for our electrical needs. The resort’s solar panels are connected to exchanger tanks (devices that transfer heat from one source to another) and let us naturally convert heat into energy. By using solar panels we are able to generate our own energy, rather than rely on a machine to make energy for us. This allows us to reduce the amount of toxic fumes inserted into our environment since we are not relying on a machine to burn coal, crude oil, or other fossil fuels as a means of generating energy.

Solar lamps: All of the resort’s corridors are illuminated with approximately 500 solar lamps that use the natural energy from the sun to light up the resort at night. The solar lamps have the same positive effect on our environment as the solar panels.

Loreto Eco Friendly Initiative

Seawater Purification: The resort uses a seawater purification system that collects and purifies water from the Sea of Cortez for use throughout the property. The seawater is extracted from the beach’s well and 250,000 gallons of water are extracted daily. This extracted water is sent to our desalination plant, which makes the water safe to drink by removing minerals. We use reverse osmosis to purify the water. Then, we add calcium carbonate to level the PH and liquid chlorine to sanitize the water, which makes it safe to drink. After this process, the resort has salt-free water that is distributed throughout the property. If there is any leftover water, this water is returned to the ocean so we can continue to preserve the beauty of this area.

green friendly

Grey Water Recycling Program: Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto has a sewage plant that treats sewage and industrial wastewaters by using diffused air and prolonged aeration to clean out the dirt. After the water is treated, the resort adds a small portion of chlorine to sanitize the graywater. Then, this water is sent out to an artificial lake where it mixes with the fresh water so that it is safe to be used for irrigation of the golf course, gardens, and other maintenance tasks.

Grow: We grow many of our produce and herbs on site, which we use to provide members and guests with the freshest ingredients in our three restaurants on property. Our harvest depends on the season and our most common vegetables are beetroots, carrots, arugula, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. Currently, the resort is growing black and yellow corn, hibiscus, lemon tea, chickpea, chard, and chilies.

Recycle: We recycle aluminum, glass, and plastic. Recycling helps reduce landfill, energy consumption, and pollution since it converts waste materials into reusable material instead of making brand new products.

Loreto Eco Friendly Initiative 2

Location: Since the resort is located within a protected National Marine Park, the size and power of the boats that enter this area are limited, which keeps pollution from watercraft to a minimum and allows the numerous species of marine life to thrive and multiply.


We invite you to come enjoy this preserved beauty with us at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto. This April, the grand opening of the Danzante Golf Course will occur, giving another magnificent reason for all to visit the Islands of Loréto! Please call 800-556-0421 for more information and to make your reservation today!