From mid-December to the end of March, groups of whales head to the Baja coast in search of the perfect place to birth their young. This yearly migration from the cold waters of the Arctic provides some of the most fascinating and unique entertainment of the year for those who visit the Islands of Loreto.

During the winter season, whale watching tours occur at the Islands of Loreto and Magdalena Bay, where you can observe whales gracing the waters with the islands and beautiful desert mountains in the background. Whale watchers can get a front row seat by embarking on a whale watching tour to see whales engage in elaborate displays of breaching, lobtailing and fin-slapping, which are all no-verbal forms of communication between whales.loreto-whale

The gray whale is the most popular whale in Baja, however you can also see these 7 species of whales: Orca, Humpback, Finback, Sei, Minke, Pilot, and Blue Whale. Whale Sharks, the largest known of species of fish, are another spectacular sight that you might see near the surface of the water while whale watching. Whale sharks are the largest known species of fish in the ocean, weighing over 40,000 pounds, and are a delight to see because of their tranquil demeanor.

Enjoy seeing whales in their natural environment as you take in the beauty that surrounds you on your next whale watching adventure at the Islands of Loreto! Here is a sample of sightings you may see:

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