We are honored to be your hosts. All of our staff members, even those you don’t meet face-to-face, are committed to providing the highest quality service to make your stay truly spectacular. We would like to advise you of our mandatory daily service fee of US $3.50 per unit that will be added to your bill at check-out. This fee is shared between all team members except managers and directors as it has become a hospitality industry standard in Mexico, and has been supported and requested by our local hotel labor unions.  None of these service fees are used to pay administrative fees and in no way is your maintenance fee amount raised to support this program or subsidize wages. The fee is dispersed to the staff on the fifteenth of every month for the previous month’s collections.

We take pride in our employees. And they take pride in making the Villa de Palmar feel like your home away from home. We believe each and every one of them deserves the opportunity to be appreciated directly by the members they work so hard for. Thank you for recognizing their efforts, and for being part of our family.