New Policy for Resale Scams

We are working closely with the federal and local law enforcement as well as ARDA (the American Resort Development Association) to put a stop to these occurrences which are, unfortunately, becoming more prevalent in our industry. ARDA has provided a helpful library of articles on this topic at If you encounter any instances of scams, you may contact us with the details at We have recently learned that, unfortunately, per agency protocol, we are unable to file a claim on your behalf with any of the aforementioned agencies.  Claims must be initiated by the actual victim of the scam who will be able to provide the details to the authorities in a first-hand account.

Below are the steps you should take once you have reported the incident to us:

1.      Make a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Contact the Business Fraud Division by calling 1-877-382-4357.

2.      Report your experience to the Attorney General’s Office in your home state. Contact information will vary by state. Please consult the internet or your local yellow pages.

3.      If you are provided with additional written materials from the scammer or receive additional telephone calls, please follow up with us by emailing the information to and they will add additional details to your file.

4.      Report fraud to the American Resort Development Association (“ARDA”). Find contact phone numbers at