Featuring extraordinary views of the ocean, surrounding mountains, and downtown Puerto Vallarta, the malecon is one of the most beautiful and cultural strolls that one can experience. Covering approximately one mile, this paved boardwalk follows the curve of the ocean and visitors can walk up to twenty blocks on this path. Many sculptures can be seen along the malecon and are often one of the main reasons people choose to visit this location. Please read the below highlights to see some of the sculptures you can see along the malecon.

 “Millenium” by Mathis Lidice, 2001

This spiraling piece of artwork was created to ring in the millennium (2000) and is a tribute to life, evolution, time and human development. The woman reaching out to the wings of the dove at the top of this statue represents the artists’ wish for peace in the future.



“Nostalgia” by Ramirez Barquest, 1984

This sculpture depicts the artists’ love for his wife and the city of Puerto Vallarta. This couple spent years lost in the romance of unrequited love, each marrying someone else only to eventually find that their love for one another was stronger than any other. The artist and his lover used to visit the malecon regularly and this artwork represents the romantic atmosphere that this couple cherished in Puerto Vallarta.

nostalgia blue


 “El Sutil Compediedras” by Jonas Gutierrez, 2006

This dream-like figure represents the jovial innocence of childhood and the enjoyment we can find in life’s journey. The sculptures’ jagged edges, belly and the stone dangling over the mouth represents pushing the limits of reality. If we push the limits of reality, then we can enjoy life to the fullest.

El Sutil compediedras


 “Triton y Sirena” by Carlos Espina, 1990

This sculpture shows Poseidon and Amphitrite, the god and goddess of the Sea, reaching out to a mermaid. This is the artists’ interpretation of how humans see the history of mythology.

triton blue


“In Search of Reason” by Sergio Bustamente, 1999

Probably the most popular of all the sculptures on the malecon, this sixty foot tall sculpture showcases three dream-like characters climbing a ladder in search of answers beyond normal human limits.

la rotonda del mar


 “Caballero del Mar” (“The Seahorse”) by Rafael Zamarripa, 1976

The Boy on the Seahorse was originally a smaller sculpture located on Los Muertos Beach. A tropical storm knocked this beloved sculpture down and Puerto Vallarta asked for a replacement sculpture. In 1976, this larger sculpture was placed on the malecon to replicate the smaller version of this statue. Today, the small version of this sculpture stands on Los Muertos Beach and this larger version on the malecon, allowing visitors to take in the sight of two seahorse sculptures.



 “La Fuente de la Amistad” by James “Bud” Bottoms, 1987

According to Chumash Tradition, dolphins represent brotherhood. This sculpture features three dolphins jumping from the water and is a symbolic bond of the friendship between Puerto Vallarta and Santa Barbara, California, who have worked together for years to bring about a positive change to their communities.



“Los Bailarines de Puerto Vallarta” by Jim Demetro, 2006

This sculpture was created to honor the young dancers in the Xiutla Municipal Folkloric Ballet in Puerto Vallarta. The artist took his inspiration from the groups’ performances to depict the heart of Mexican culture in this sculpture.

Carlos Glz B

 “San Pascual Bailon” by Ramiz Barquet, 2008

This statue of San Pascual Bailon, the patron saint of the kitchen, represents Puerto Vallarta’s exquisite culinary opportunities and taste. At over 9 feet tall, this statue literally keeps watch over the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta because they are such an important part of this city’s success.


With so many cultural depictions to observe in the vibrant downtown area, the malecon is a must for new and returning visitors alike.  During the day, visitors can see the malecon come to life with vendors, musicians, jugglers, and artists displaying their crafts. At night, clubs and bars are a popular destination for all and visitors can often engage in cultural activities such as food festivities and art exhibits. Whether you want to explore Mexico’s culture, wine and dine to your hearts content or take in the sights of local art, the malecon in Puerto Vallarta is a destination everyone must visit.