Cabo Destination Update: Buccaneer Queen Tour
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Cabo Destination Update: Buccaneer Queen Tour

This month I visited beautiful Cabo San Lucas and was able to enjoy massive amounts of sunshine, relaxation time by the pool, and water activities. During this trip, I boarded the Buccaneer Queen [boat] at the Marina for a two and a half hour adventure around El Arco, the famous arch, which combines many activities all in one tour that you won’t want to miss!

Upon arrival at the Wild Cabo Tours booth at the Marina, there were many pirates walking around talking with people and posing for photos. The pirates all rounded us up to board the Buccaneer Queen and the show started as soon as all of us were on board. There were rivaling pirate teams both on and off the ship, and the pirates off board let us know that they were angry that the pirates on our ship had stolen their treasure. The rivaling teams battled for a while and the angry pirates left our ship promising that they would be back to invade us for their treasure, and then our ship departed.

The show began prior to departing the Marina.

As we sailed throughout the Marina and out to El Arco, the pirates provided us with an open bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks), corn on the cob, BBQ ribs, chicken, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, and rolls. The pirates onboard gave us a performance as we ate dinner.

After our meal concluded, the rival pirates approached our ship (they drove up in a separate boat) and invaded us. They searched the ship for their treasure and picked a suspect out of the audience that they believed had stolen their treasure. Their invasion consisted of sword fighting, acrobatics, and having a pirate walk the plank. The invading pirates left our ship without finding their treasure and our crew had won this battle.

The rival pirates getting ready to invade our ship.

To celebrate our victory, the pirates performed fire dancing, which can been seen in the below video clip. They had everyone aboard stand up and do the conga and our adventure was one big party back to the dock.

The Buccaneer Queen combines dinner, a show, and interactive fun set to beautiful views of the famous “El Arco” arch, all in one adventure. It is sure to get your whole family out of their seat and engaged in all of the action.

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