Eagle’s Wings Bus Tour Recap
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Eagle’s Wings Bus Tour Recap

During the Annual Social this past October at Villa del Palmar Flamingos, I attended the Eagle’s Wings Foundation Bus Tour to the Los Mangos Library in Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday, October 23rd. The Eagle’s Wings Foundation distributes funds to charities in the cities of Villa Group resorts and helps thousands of children, adults and the elderly by supporting orphanages, assisted living facilities, education and physical therapy, and more. I was able to see first-hand the impact that the foundation has on the local community and why it is so important to give back. Read along for my experience on this tour.

Upon arrival at the Los Mangos Library in Puerto Vallarta, Sara Cardona, Eagle’s Wings Foundation Board Member, provided our tour group with background information on the foundation and the library. I learned that the library opened in 1996 and is the only one of its kind in the Banderas Bay region. It has more than 30,000 books in Spanish and English, provides more than 4,500 services monthly, and has a Cultural Center that offers workshops and courses in visual and performing arts, music, etc. It is the only central location for people in the Vallarta area to come, learn and expand their education.

As we toured the library I was impressed at how large and comprehensive this building was. For example, in the US our libraries often just focus on books and have some audio tapes, videos, and possibly a small art gallery. The Los Mangos Library not only had these resources, but also boasted four multipurpose rooms that could fit up to eighty people each, a dance hall, and two piano rooms. While we were there, I couldn’t help but notice the modern dance class going on in the dance hall and enjoyed seeing the cultural activities such as this in the library setting. I also observed an English class taking place in the center of the library and learned that these happen daily. A staff member told me the library also offers classes in aerial dancing, philosophy, drawing, creative writing, wellness, cinema, and more. I was impressed by the amount of resources available to the community.

Shown below is a photo taken of my favorite room in the library, the Children’s Library. I am a fan of this room mainly because of the large tree painted on the back wall.  I personally like the symbolism behind trees; they represent physical and spiritual nourishment and are powerful symbols of growth. I find this symbol the perfect backdrop for this setting for young minds to read, learn, and intellectually grow.

Shown from left to right: Courtney Franklin (Call Center Director), me (Brittany Blanscet, Member Marketing Manager), Carolina Padilla (Director of Admin), and Angie Alvarez (Admin Manager)

I enjoyed attending this tour because it gave me a better idea of the work that the Eagle’s Wings Foundation does to better the community. It showed me how all the time and donations from the foundation works in the lives of the local citizens on a daily basis and the difference that this makes. The work that Eagle’s Wings does is truly life changing and this tour gave me an opportunity to witness this.

The Annual Social is held in October every year and I strongly recommend that you sign up for the Bus Tour during your next Social so you can see for yourself the impact that Eagle’s Wings has on the local community. Every year this tour goes to a new spot since there are so many charities that the foundation is involved in. For more information on Eagle’s Wings Foundation please click here. Registration for the next Annual Social and Bus Tour will be announced as we get closer to the next event in 2020 so check your emails and our UVCI website for more details.

If you have a vacation experience that you would like to share with us, please respond in the comments section below this blog or email it to me at bblanscet@myuvci.com.

Best Regards,

Brittany Blanscet

Member Marketing Manager

Member Marketing

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