El Meco Mayan Ruins in Cancun
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El Meco Mayan Ruins in Cancun

This month I visited El Meco Mayan Ruins, which are approximately a seven minute drive from Villa del Palmar Cancun, making it a convenient stop for your next vacation in Cancun. I took a cab to and from the resort to explore the area at my own leisure. Since the ruins are so close, you could even walk to them if you feel up to it and map out directions beforehand.

Upon entering El Meco, you immediately see this beautiful, lush setting surrounding you.

El Meco is in a hidden location and many people do not know about it, making this a very peaceful place to walk around. To enter the ruins it costs less than $3 USD per person, making this a bargain compared to most of the nearby ruins that cost around $50 USD or more to tour.

This archaeological site provides visitors with a step back in ancient history and a peaceful viewing as it exists in a lush setting with many iguanas. The site itself is small and can be enjoyed at a leisure pace in approximately 45 minutes. My favorite thing about El Meco is that you can see ruins without the crowds that you might get at Tulum, Chichen Itza or other sites in the region.

I learned that El Meco had two community risings. Archeologists believe that this small city was first inhabited in 200 AD and abandoned around 600 AD. It was during this time the community served as an important civil and ceremonial center.

The second rising was during the post classic period. At El Meco you will see architectural highlights that resonate with Chichen Itza and Itzamna. At the foot of the eastern facing steps of the Castillo (the castle) are two well-preserved serpent heads, similar to that found at Chichen Itza.

Me standing in front of El Castillo (the castle).

It was also during this time that nearby settlements San Miguelito and El Rey worked with El Meco to further develop the Maya inland and sea trade networks. It is assumed the settlement was abandoned upon the arrival of the Spanish but the actual history is unknown.

Visiting El Meco is a must for anyone looking to see gorgeous architecture, learn more about the Mayan culture and see ruins within close proximity to the resort!

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    We were just at VdP Cancun for two weeks in May. I had heard about El Meco but did not have the details of its location. I tried to convince the VdP Excursion desk agents that it existed with no luck. I guess I should have asked our Concierge but it will still be there next year. Hopefully the Excursion desk will be better informed about it by then and have a tour set up for those of us who are not as adventurous as you are..

    1. Brittany Blanscet
      Brittany Blanscet

      Hi David,

      Thank you for reading our blog and submitting your feedback. I apologize that this was your experience with the Excursion Desk and will communicate this to the Hotel Management so they can make sure to update their teams on this information. We want your vacations to be extraordinary and memorable and will work with the team to ensure they can provide you with all needed info.

      Best Regards,


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