Fun Activities at the Islands of Loreto
Brittany's Travels The Islands of Loreto

Fun Activities at the Islands of Loreto

Visiting the beautiful Islands of Loreto is a peaceful and relaxing vacation experience that is sure to help you unwind and rejuvenate. Recently, I visited Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto and enjoyed the serene ambience of the resort and the stunning beauty that surrounded me. Please read a long for highlights of the activities that I participated in during this trip.

Hiking with Golf Course Views: I woke up at 5 am for a morning hike where I watched the gorgeous sunrise from Hole 17. The photos don’t do this experience justice as you must be here to experience this for yourself. I recommend packing a picnic breakfast (and a camera) to savor the moment with those nearest and dearest to you. The view was stunning and really makes you aware of every little detail that surrounds you.

Survival Tips and Guided Hiking: Get a great workout on this guided hike while learning all about the plants and animals that surround you. Our guide pointed out edible plants and how to cut open these plants for food. I learned how to cut open a cactus and extract water for survival; a must needed skill for survival in the desert!

Aqua Aerobics: Duvis from the Activities Team led this class with high-energy music and encouraged lots of laughter and group collaboration by having us swim in shapes and play a name game as we exercised. This low impact activity was a great way to have some fun in the sun while exercising. And, I enjoyed drying off and relaxing in a poolside lounge chair right after.

Signature Massage: No visit to the Islands of Loreto is complete without a visit to the Sabila Spa where you will be pampered to your heart’s content. I received a signature massage that was 80 minutes of pure bliss, utilizing techniques to promote complete relaxation. After the massage, I enjoyed the hydrotherapy areas with my favorite part being the plunge pools to aid in detoxing the body.

Paddleboard Yoga at the beach: What better way to get your fitness on than by being in the indigo waters of “The Aquarium of the World!” This was my first time taking a paddleboard yoga class and I appreciated how the instructor waded around the water to help everyone. Paddleboard yoga classes are offered regularly for all experience levels and these classes are sure to give you a great workout and some Vitamin C.

Tequila Tasting: Learn all about tequila with Oscar Torres, Tequila Expert, as he pours you a sample of each kind of tequila. This is a fun way to figure out what types of tequila you like, how to taste tequila like an expert and what to look for when you buy your next bottle of tequila. Salud!

Mexican Theme Night: I savored a delectable Mexican food buffet while watching the Activities Team perform dances from all over Mexico. There was piñata breaking with Mexican candy for everyone and an opportunity to get on stage and take a photo with the Activities Team at the end of the show. Below is a photo of my group taken at the end of the show.

Beach time: With the waves lapping in the background, the wind gently blowing and the sun shining down on me I enjoyed a calm walk on the beach looking out at the clear blue water and the Islands. Walking on the beach here is my favorite past time as it is the perfect way for me to clear my mind and truly be present in the moment one footstep at a time.

My visit to the Islands of Loreto was a relaxing experience filled with many fun activities. The resort staff does a wonderful job at keeping all members and guests engaged in activities that fit their interests. If you want to truly relax, the Islands of Loreto is the perfect destination to do so.

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