Members Return to Loreto
Member Travels The Islands of Loreto

Members Return to Loreto

Ranked as one of the top 10 luxury hotel and golf courses in the world by Elite Traveler, Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa at the Islands of Loreto is splendorous and an epicenter for true Mexican hospitality. This luxury resort located in Loreto Baja California Sur has distinguished itself from the competition by consistently upholding the highest standards of service.

In March of 2020, we began initiating soft closure procedures at our Villa Group and Tafer resorts. Before closures, during the closures, and now—our focus remains on the safety and well-being of our members, their families, and the staff at our resorts. While closed, our resorts have continued to maintain upkeep of the properties, performed preventative maintenance, made renovations, implemented enhanced cleaning, sanitization, and social distancing protocols, ensuring that our resorts and team members were prepared for your return. Click here to learn about the measure we have implemented to safeguard your health.

We thank you for continuing to trust us to deliver you the best vacation experiences year in and year out. Our dedicated resort staff and team members have consistently gone above and beyond to provide each and every guest with more than extraordinary, exclusive, and personalized service. We are so grateful for your continued support. We are proud to announce that each Villa Group resort destination has been awarded as a Certified Safe Travel location by the World Travel Tourism Council. This means that each and every one of our resorts has gone above and beyond in researching the best preventive measures and sanitizing protocols prior to reopening. As guests will confirm, they have successfully implemented these practices at each resort and are doing everything possible to keep first time and returning guests and their families safe.

Member Testimonial

Member Gina Caldwell and her family recently traveled back to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto following the government mandated shutdowns that took place across the world. Below she shares a brief recap of their extraordinary experience.

“Vacation in a Mexico Paradise!….Where do I begin to describe how wonderful Villa del Palmar at the Islands Loreto is! I first went there 5 years ago and have gone back every year since. In fact, my family loves it there so much that my eldest daughter got married on the beach there last summer! And don’t worry about COVID-19. They have taken SO MANY precautions that I felt 100% safe. In fact, I actually felt safer there than many places I go at home!

Aside from having awesome pools, fantastic food, a beautiful beach with no waves so small children can safely play, the PEOPLE are what make this resort award-winning to me. Each and every one of them pampers you and makes you feel like you are a VIP. They always remember my name and my favorite foods. I have a couple of food allergies, not life-threatening. Still, every waiter had my name and took note of what my allergies were on the back of their order books (being allergic to avocados in Mexico is tough)! They truly are like family and make us all feel at home every visit! They bend over backwards to make sure we have what you want.

Gerardo, Danzante Restaurant Manager, went out of his way to help us with last-minute issues before the wedding last summer when he overheard us talking about some of our concerns. He even comforted my daughter one night while she got teary with her wedding jitters. PLUS, Danzante Restaurant is spectacular! Awesome steak and seafood in a romantic atmosphere with 5-star service!

David, on the beach bar tending, make sure everyone has a towel and a cold drink. He even brings buckets of ice to you if you aren’t drinking your two for one beer fast enough!

Jair, the waiter, is certainly one of our favorites! We had 4 granddaughters with us ages 8 and under last Summer, and he catered to them with amazing patience in the Casa Mia Restaurant where we ate most often: lunch, dinner, and in between for snacks. Mercedes, also in Casa Mia, danced endlessly with all of the kids (about 8 there for the wedding) so the parents could have a few minutes of a break to talk with each other and eat in peace (VERY much appreciated after a week together)!

Another thing about the resort with younger kids: there is a pool there that is the best I have ever seen for small children. There are five different sections of the HUGE pool (there are 6 pools total plus the beach at the resort), just for kids, with depths from two inches to two feet. AND it is away from the other pools, so any screaming or shrieking is pretty much contained. My granddaughters had a ball! We could be at that pool for hours and still have tears when it was time to go.

Even though there are only three restaurants at the resort, there is plenty of variety. I never ate the same thing twice and still haven’t tried everything. They have theme nights at Marketplace Restaurant with shows every night, and the menu at the restaurant changes with the theme. Casa Mia has a great lunch and snack menu during the day and Italian cuisine for dinner at night made with fresh ingredients. And try the chocolate clams if they’re in season (named for the chocolate brown color on the inside of the clam-shell, not the taste)!

The rooms are spacious and comfortable, impeccably clean, with cool A/C, and I’ve never had a bad view. Check-in and check-out are both quick and easy, and there’s a shuttle to get you to and from the airport.

Finally, when people tell me that they have never heard of Loreto, I tell them that hearing that is one of the things that makes it great! Most people haven’t heard of it YET, which makes it special. Never have I had to wait for a table, hunt for an empty lounge chair on the beach or by the pool, stand in line at the bar for a drink, or wait for an empty bathroom. What more could you ask for on a vacation? Every year for five years, it has been perfect! Thank you, Misael Chan, Club Manager at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto.”

—The Caldwell Family

We would like to thank Gina Caldwell and her family for sharing their travel story with us! If you have enjoyed a recent stay at any of our resorts, we would like to hear about your experience. Please send an email to and provide us with your travel story and images or videos of your vacation experience to be featured on our UVCI Travel Trend Setters Blog and our social media pages!

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