Hector Travels From PV to Cabo
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Hector Travels From PV to Cabo

 Travel Experience Written by Hector Almeida, UVCI Lead Graphics Consultant

If you are looking to make the most of your trip when you come to Mexico, one great way to do it is by extending your trip to a second week. Doing so allows you to have more time to visit more places, rest more, and even do some “resort office” if needed.

Another way to make the best of your trip is by extending your visit to another destination as well. I traveled from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas and back. Below I explain how traveling in Mexico can be very affordable and safe, and I provide a few useful travel tips.

Travel and Vacation Tips

  1. Traveling light can be very beneficial.

If you travel light, (with just a carry-on for each person) you will make it easier to get in and out of the airport. Avoiding checking in your luggage certainly will save you some time waiting for it to come around on the luggage carousel.

I recommend purchasing your airfare tickets online so you can get your boarding passes sent directly to your phone. Doing so will allow you to avoid standing in line and waiting to register and check your luggage.

Having a carry-on and your digital boarding pass will allow you to get to the boarding area faster, which will make it possible for you to avoid the crowds and get to your gate quicker.

  1. Be sure to fill out the survey required by the Mexican authorities.

Before you are able to get to the boarding area, you’ll need to fill out a quick survey. For me, I filled one out for both Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas (one per family), so be sure to have your own pen handy or be ready to fill it out on your phone.

In Puerto Vallarta you’ll find a large printed canvas with a QR code before you get to the boarding gate, you can scan this using your phone’s camera app and it will take you to the online survey. In Cabo San Lucas you’ll see a smaller one and it will give you the same option.

  1. Arriving early can allow for better seating.

Many changes and increased sanitization measures have been implemented to ensure the safest environment for all travelers visiting airports, and of course, the Puerto Vallarta & Cabo San Lucas’s Airport(s) have made the changes too. Upon entering the airport(s), you’ll find limited seating areas to accommodate for safe social distancing (usually leaving one seat empty in between another). I would recommend that you arrive at the airport(s) early so you get more chances to get a safe seat.

  1. Bring your own hand sanitizer if you can.

I recommend you bring a travel size bottle of sanitizing gel. In the off chance you don’t, you will now find plenty of stations throughout the airport with free hand sanitizer. But, if you want to stay safe and limit your need for stopping to get sanitizer, it’s easier to bring your own.

  1. Keep a safe distance.

As you know, the best way to be safe is by maintaining a social distance of at least 4 feet or more. There are signs to remind everyone and the airport staff is always reassuring people to keep their distance.

This is where I found that my carry-on was helpful too. While waiting in line to board the plane, I extended the handle on my carry on then extended my suitcase all the way behind me to ensure that the person behind me was not too close. I gave the person in front of me the same distance and courtesy.

  1. Now, more than ever, travel comfortably.

People always recommend that you travel as light and comfortable as possible, and now, even more than ever, keep in mind that you’ll be wearing the face mask during the whole travel time. When you travel from Puerto Vallarta to Cabo San Lucas, you’ll probably have to make a connecting flight in México City, the entire travel time could be around 5 hours, between the flight time and the waiting time. Make sure you are wearing a face mask that suits you well, protects you, and feels as comfortable as possible to have a better time.

  1. Take advantage of credit card perks.

If you are a Visa Platinum cardholder, you may be able to gain free access to any of the three Priority Pass Lounges. There’s also an American Express VIP Lounge and a MasterCard Lounge. You might already have this benefit already and you can relax and enjoy a free snack or drink in a less crowded area, while you wait for your next plane. Contact your card providers for more details and to confirm if you have any travel perks.

  1. Last but not least, enjoy your stay!

After arriving at your home away from home, plan some time to rest, and enjoy yourself. Cabo San Lucas offers a wide variety of on-site experiences that you can enjoy without leaving the hotel. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Set aside at least one day to see the sunrise. One of my favorite things in Cabo is watching the sunrise. With the way Villa del Palmar is situated, you can see the sun go out from the ocean, transforming the dark sky of the dawn into a beautiful brush-painted canvas full of stunning colors (The left side corner of the hotel is the best location to see this natural spectacle so bring your phone or camera so you can get amazing pictures).


  • Enjoy your favorite beverage while relaxing on your balcony. One of the many perks of Villa del Palmar’s rooms is a full kitchenette (or kitchen in the one, two, and three-bedroom suites), and within those kitchens, you will find your own in-room coffee maker and an assortment of beverages and snacks that you can enjoy.

  • Relax, unwind, and destress by enjoying a delicious beverage in the jacuzzi. The hot water will relax your senses as you listen to the sound of the waves, all of this while enjoying your favorite drink, like this delicious Bob Marley drink, full of flavor and color.

  • Enjoy a different restaurant each day of your vacation. Villa del Palmar offers a variety of restaurants and delicious dining options like Bella California, The Sushi Bar, The Taco Bar, Carbón, The Sports Bar, Tortugas Terrace, and Tomatillos, so you can dine on a different one every day. But those are not the only options. When staying at Villa del Palmar you can also access the restaurants in Villa del Arco and Villa La Estancia, Los Cabos as well, providing you with even more options to choose from.

Now more than ever you deserve to enjoy yourself, take a break, pamper yourself while ensuring you are in a safe environment and experiencing that special high-quality, world-class Villa Group service everyone knows and loves.

I hope you found these vacation and travel tips useful, be sure to share some of yours in the comment section.

—Hector Almeida

UVCI Lead Graphics Consultant

Resort Credit for Covid-19 Testing

Considering the recent COVID19 testing requirements imposed by various countries, including the United States and Canada, we are committed to ensuring your vacations can continue worry-free. You are part of our family, and here at The Villa Group, there is nothing more important.

Delivering extraordinary vacation experiences is our business. To make your vacation experience seamless, The Villa Group has coordinated offering discounted antigen and PCR testing at each of our resorts for visitors whose home countries require a negative testing result. Discounted pricing is estimated to be around $30.00 USD for antigen and $150.00 USD for PCR. Members who obtain their test will be provided a $30.00 USD resort credit per tested per person, per stay for travel booked by March 31, 2021. Click here for more details regarding Covid-19 Testing. Click here for our sanitization protocols, and learn how we are doing our part to ensure you can continue vacationing safely at each of our Villa Group resorts.

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