Member Ashley Antley Visits Cabo

Member Ashley Antley Visits Cabo

Member Travel Experience Written by Ashley Antley

We went to Cabo [Villa del Palmar Cabo] the week after Christmas 2021. It was our first time visiting any of the Villa Group properties and our first time in Cabo. It has now become one of our favorite places!!! And we travel all over the world!

The customer service at Villa Group is five stars. I can’t think of one complaint. We never waited for a drink at the bar and had superb poolside service!

I also loved that the beach was steps away and beach chairs and umbrellas included. They also have bar service at the beach and come up to your chair to serve you.

It was the ultimate vacation and beyond relaxing! Our daughter loved the Kids Club and the pottery that she could paint poolside.

The food was wonderful! One of our favorites was the Carbon Restaurant. They bring a small tabletop grill to your table with delicious meat of your choice. The tacos at the taco bar were delicious and fresh as well.

The views were stunning, and we enjoyed the closeness of the city and were able to leave the resort to explore safely.

We did the Camel excursion through Cabo Adventures and the Glass Bottom Boat Tours, both of which we loved and highly recommend!

I highly recommend Villa del Palmar Cabo. We actually became owners at the resort now and are already planning our return!

—Ashley Antley

Resort Credit for Covid-19 Testing

Considering the recent COVID19 testing requirements imposed by various countries, including the United States and Canada, we are committed to ensuring your vacations can continue worry-free. You are part of our family, and here at The Villa Group, there is nothing more important.

Delivering extraordinary vacation experiences is our business. To make your vacation experience seamless, The Villa Group has coordinated offering discounted antigen and PCR testing at each of our resorts for visitors whose home countries require a negative testing result. Discounted pricing is estimated to be around $30.00 USD for antigen and $150.00 USD for PCR. Members who obtain their test will be provided a $30.00 USD resort credit per tested person, per stay, through March 31, 2021. Please inquire with the resort for discounted PCR test rates as these vary by location. Click here for more details regarding Covid-19 Testing. Click here for our sanitization protocols, and learn how we are doing our part to ensure you can continue vacationing safely at each of our Villa Group resorts.

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