Member Dawn Swingen Visits Cabo!
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Member Dawn Swingen Visits Cabo!

Travel Experience written by member Dawn Swingen

My husband and I had traveled to Cabo in January 2020 about the time when Coronavirus was just starting to be talked about. We knew our son Zeke would love this place! We booked our trip in March, to go back with our son in October. We are so excited that we kept our travel plans! It was a great get away from the crazy year 2020 has been.

Cabo was just like we remembered it from the first time! Beautiful sunrises on the beach with coffee and days spent poolside at Villa del Palmar.

We love going into downtown Cabo, which is an easy walk or water taxi ride away. This time we went to Cabo Adventures to swim with the dolphins!  What an experience. From dancing, to hugging, to taking a quick lap around the pool with the dolphins, it is an adventure we will all never forget!

The little shops all up and down the Marina and even past there have so many different and wonderful things to buy! The food options are endless!

The Glass Bottom boat tour was fun to see the famous arch and the sun-bathing sea lions. We were dropped off at Lover’s Beach to snorkel and just hang out for a few hours. The other side is Divorce beach where you can’t swim, but still boasts a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. We loved this tour.

Our son Zeke enjoying Cabo!

Our son Zeke is wanting to go back already, and we have not even been home a week!

The beautiful weather, kind-hearted people, and activities will keep us coming back for the years to come.

-Dawn Swingen

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