Members & Guests Visit Villa del Palmar Cancun
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Members & Guests Visit Villa del Palmar Cancun

Members and guests continue to rave over their return to our luxurious beach resorts! Here we provide a few testimonials from visitors as they recap their vacations while on-site at one of our many award-winning Villa Group resorts, Villa del Palmar Cancun! Follow along below for more! 

“Hello, my name is Katie, I’m from College Houston Texas and this is my first time in Cancun. The experience at Villa del Palmar has been amazing. Mr. Moises (Villa del Palmar Cancun Staff Member) has been exquisite, he is so attentive and he has made this experience for my family and myself even better than it possibly could have been! And, I highly recommend you come to Cancun!” 

“Hi, I’m Shelly from Texas! I brought my family for Christmas [to Villa del Palmar Cancun] and we’ve had the most amazing time here at Villa del Palmar! Everyone has been so wonderful and they treated us with such attention. And, even during the Covid situation, [although] it has been a little bit trying but they have maintained all of the restrictions and allowed us to have a fabulous vacation! If you’re thinking of coming to Cancun this [Villa del Palmar Cancun] is the place to go!” 

“¡Hola! I’m Jeff, I’m from College Station Texas. This has been a wonderful stay at Villa del Palmar with my family and friends. The service here is outstanding, anything you need they will serve you and do anything you need them to do. The service is incredible, the drinks are impeccable, and the weather here is amazing!” 

“My name is Braleine, I’m from Southern Illinois, this is our third time coming to Villa. We love it here, the service is fabulous, the food is fabulous, and we are not concerned with the virus.”

“Hi my name is Josh Austin and I am from Temple Texas, I’ve enjoyed my stay here at [Villa del Palmar] Cancun. The stay has been great, and covid?.. You don’t even have to worry about that, they keep everything safe and clean, the people are wonderful here…the weather and everything has been great, thank you all very much!”

We would like to thank these members and guests for sharing a brief recap of their extraordinary stay with us at Villa del Palmar Cancun! If you have enjoyed a recent stay at any of our resorts, we would like to hear about your experience. Please send an email to and provide us with your travel story and images or videos of your vacation experience to be featured on our UVCI Travel Trend Setters Blog and our social media pages! Be sure to follow our MyUVCI Facebook page for the latest Villa Group resort updates, guest testimonials, giveaways, and more!

Get started planning your escape to paradise now! Click here for the latest savings and promotional offers! We can’t wait to welcome you to your home away from home!

Onsite COVID-19 Testing

Considering the recent COVID-19 testing requirements are still being imposed by various countries, including the United States and Canada, we are committed to ensuring your vacations can continue worry-free.

Please be advised that members and guests that arrive April 1, 2021, and onwards will pay for their Antigen or PCR Tests at a discounted rate and will be given a resort credit for the same amount that they paid for the Antigen Tests. PCR Tests will receive a resort credit in the amount equal to the cost of the Antigen Test only. The Antigen Test is approximately $30 USD and the PCR Test is approximately $120 USD. Please inquire with the resort for updated pricing.

All testing will be conveniently administered on-property by a testing professional from a certified and approved 3rd party laboratory so you can continue to enjoy your vacation with peace of mind. Upon completion of testing, members can select electronic results and obtain a printed copy obtained at reception upon departure.

In the event of a positive diagnosis, each resort has strict COVID-19 protocols in place for a member to quarantine in the comforts of their guestroom and have coordinated with the best medical facilities should they be necessary. Members will be able to extend their stay for 14 nights if they test positive while visiting any of our resorts; in this case, they will be responsible for their incidentals while quarantined in the comforts of their luxury suite. It is our priority to ensure that members are comfortable until they test with a negative result to depart following governmental and safety guidelines.

We realize that our ‘new normal’ is continually changing, and we want you to know we are here for you! Stay safe, stay well, and stay healthy. For information, please contact the Airline you booked with for up-to-date testing requirements needed before boarding. Should you have any questions about your reservations, contact us at 1-855-310-9634 or

*This information is subject to change. Test prices stated above are estimates only and vary by resort.

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