Members Shirley & James Visit Vallarta
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Members Shirley & James Visit Vallarta

Travel Experience written by members Shirley and James Wegrzynowski

On October 10th of this year, we arrived at the Flamingos for a 4 week stay. We were very apprehensive about traveling to Mexico during this pandemic. Most of our friends had canceled. When we arrived at Villa del Palmar Flamingos by taxi all of our temperatures were taken and hand sanitizer was given to all.

Upon arrival, the bell boys greeted us as family and were all wearing masks. They immediately took our luggage and sprayed it with sanitizer, while we checked in. There were hand sanitizer stations everywhere and in the lobby everyone was wearing masks. While going to our rooms there were sanitizers at every elevator.

Next stop was the pool, where all the chairs were socially distanced with 2 chairs together, unless there was a larger family. All the waiters wore masks and were as friendly as always. Happy faces as always!

All the restaurants practiced social distancing and hand sanitizers were provided in every room for the members and guests.

Every time you left Flamingos, the same process was followed in all restaurants, temperatures taken, hand sanitizer provided, and foot mats to sanitize your shoes. These precautions were followed in ever mall and grocery store in town as well. We felt much safer in Mexico than the precautions taken at home.

We will be coming back for 10 days in December; we are both in our 70 s and wouldn’t return to anywhere we didn’t feel safe! Congratulations to all the managers and staff for working hard to provide a safe environment for everyone! We can’t wait to return!

-Shirley and James Wegrzynowski

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