My Experience at the Desert Spa
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My Experience at the Desert Spa

Visiting Cabo San Lucas is a fun and relaxing vacation experience that is sure to help you unwind while you enjoy the beautiful landscapes where the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez meet the turquoise waves of the Pacific. Recently, I visited Villa del Palmar Cabo and enjoyed the beautiful views of Medano Beach and El Arco (the arch) while experiencing the serene ambiance of the Desert Spa. I visited the Desert Spa on two different days and enjoyed the hydrotherapy areas followed by a combo massage and pedicure (day 1) and a repair hair treatment and hairstyle (day 2). Spending two mornings at the spa enabled me to let go of everything that was stressing me out prior to this trip and truly unwind in this beautiful relaxation haven.

The hydrotherapy areas

Upon entering the Desert Spa, I couldn’t help but to notice the expansive space devoted to relaxation and wellness. The Desert Spa consists of 31,000 square feet with 17 treatment rooms, 2 exclusive VIP suites with private jacuzzis and showers, a full-service beauty salon, hydrotherapy areas, and fitness center. In my opinion, no vacation is complete without a visit to a spa in paradise to help one completely relax and this is surely a wonderful spa to do so.

Combo massage and pedicure

On both days of my spa services, I spent time in the hydrotherapy area detoxifying in the cold plunge, whirlpools, pressure showers, sauna and steam room. It was recommended to me by the Spa Attendant to partake in these rejuvenating endeavors prior to the spa service(s) so I would be able to fully relax and enjoy my treatments. I completely agree with this recommendation and encourage all spa attendees to start out with the hydrotherapy area prior to their services to optimize their relaxation experience.

Scalp massage – part of the repair hair treatment

On day one, I received an eighty minute custom massage with a pedicure. This was a great service that allowed me to get all of the kinks out of my muscles as my feet were pampered at the same time. I like the convenience of this service as I have never received a massage while getting my nails done at the same time and thought this was a unique concept. I felt reinvigorated as I received an upper body massage and pampering to my feet at the same time. Plus, it was great to feel completely relaxed and go to the beach afterwards to show off my nice pedicure.

The final product after my repair treatment

On day two, I visited the beauty salon within the spa and received a repair hair treatment and style. This service is set to last 60-90 minutes depending on hair style and length; mine took about 80 minutes. I appreciated the fact that my stylist took time to evaluate my hair condition and provide hair treatment recommendations for me depending on this to ensure that I understood the treatment process and how this would work wonders on my hair. After the explanation, my service began with a relaxing scalp massage followed by the repair treatments. After my hair was blow dried, the service concluded with a style of choice; I chose to straighten my hair and curl the ends. It was a relaxing experience to be pampered for the morning and my hair felt smoother and healthier.

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