Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas
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Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas

During my last trip to Cabo San Lucas I had the pleasure of parasailing the Cabo Bay with Baja’s Watersports.

I went on this tour with Carla, the Social Media Coordinator for Villa Group Resorts Los Cabos, and both of us had never been parasailing before. Check-in for this activity was on the beach to directly to the right of Villa del Arco. We had many questions for the staff upon check-in for the activity and I appreciated how thorough the staff was at explaining the whole process to us. The staff also offered us the use of a GoPro camera for an additional fee, which we did, and we received almost two hundred photos of this unique experience since the camera automatically took a photo every ten seconds while we were up in the air.

After check-in, Baja’s Watersports walked us to our boat which departed from the beach nearby the resort. For our activity group, it was us and one other couple (four people total). Our guide provided us all with life jackets and gave us an overview of parasailing as we drove out deeper into the ocean. Once we were far enough out, we were guided to switch boats and boarded the boat that would take us parasailing.

On this boat, there was one driver and one guide. Carla and I were elected to parasail first and we utilized a tandem parasail [making it possible for two people to parasail together at the same time]. Our guide helped us strap into the parasailing equipment and had us sit down on the deck of the boat with our legs flat.  As the boat sped up, we were gradually lifted into the air, getting higher and higher. To my surprise, I loved the feeling of gliding through the air and found it peaceful to feel the wind gently guide us as we literally were able to have a bird’s eye view of Cabo San Lucas!

Our guide asked us if we were ok a few times throughout our parasailing experience with agreed upon hand signals that we discussed on the boat and also checked with us to see if we wanted to go higher before proceeding. We went as high as our parasailing experience allowed and our guide even took some great photos of us throughout this experience. It was neat to compare his photos to the ones our GoPro took as they each offered a different perspective and showcased how high we really went.

During this activity, each person or couple parasailing is in the air for eight to ten minutes. That doesn’t sound like a long time but it is plenty of time to take in the beauty all around you and after our ten minutes I was ready to get out of that harness. The total activity was about an hour and a half, which allows time for check-in, instructions, driving out to the ocean, parasailing, and driving back to the resort. This parasailing activity with Baja’s Watersports can be booked by calling Member Services at 800-852-4755 or through the Activities Office at any Villa Group Los Cabos Resort.

Parasailing in Cabo San Lucas is a peaceful way to see the town from another perspective. This activity was one of my favorites as it got my adrenaline pumping and I felt completely at peace as I soared through the air overlooking the vast ocean and the beauty of Cabo San Lucas. I enjoyed participating in this activity with my friend on a tandem parasail because we were able to talk about our experience with one another as we glided through the air and this was a great bonding experience. Because you are so high up in the air when you are parasailing, you don’t hear anything around you except the wind and the waves, which allows you to completely relax.

I recommend that everyone tries parasailing at least once in their life because it’s a good way to get out of your comfort zone and see beauty from a higher angle than you can on land. Plus, you will be able to disconnect from any stress you may have and return back to land feeling rejuvenated.

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