San Jose del Cabo Art Walk
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San Jose del Cabo Art Walk

This month I visited the Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo during my stay at Villa del Palmar Cabo.

The Art Walk is held in the Gallery District in San Jose del Cabo, which is approximately a 45 minute drive from the resort. The Art Walk occurs every Thursday evening from November thru June and gives all visitors a local taste of Mexico.

Me at Galleria Corsica

The Gallery District is the cultural center of Los Cabos as there are many art galleries, restaurants, entertainment, and events that occur here. There are fourteen galleries and each gallery is a member of the local art association, which aims to educate and inspire the local community. On top of the artistic exposure that visitors get by attending the Art Walk, there are also delicious restaurants such as H Restaurant, La Dolce, Baja Brewing Company, and Jazmins Restaurant, offering visitors and residents alike a taste of local culinary creations. And during special events such as the Art Walk, there are often live performances at the restaurants and bars.

Here is a photo of Carla, the Social Media Coordinator at the Villa Group Los Cabos (on the left), and myself (on the right) at Galeria Corsica.

You can walk through the Art Walk on your own or arrange a tour with Rancho Tours. I embarked on the Art Walk Tour with Rancho Tours because I wanted a tour guide to show me around the Art District as it was my first time exploring this part of town.  As an added bonus, the tour included roundtrip transportation and dinner at Jazmins Restaurant. The tour guide picked me up at the resort at 4:15 pm and we proceeded with the tour, which was a total of 5 hours.

Hearts for sale in a local shop.

Our first stop was the Market Baja Crafts located within a five minute drive of the Art District, which featured handmade crafts all made in Mexico and a room for tequila tasting. The owner of the shop led our group of 8 people through tequila tasting where we sampled mezcal and five different tequilas including blanco (white), joven (gold), reposado (aged oak), anejo (extra aged) and extra anejo (ultra aged).

Tequila Tasting at Market Baja Crafts.

After the tequila tasting, we drove to the center of the Art District and our tour guide showed us around. I was instantly in awe with all of the beautiful creations around me.

Galeria Corsica

Our tour guide walked us through the Art District and took us into galleries while pointing out details and giving us an overview of the town’s culture. I enjoyed the variety of artwork; each gallery offered something unique from the next. Below are a few of my favorite galleries on this tour.

Art, Nature & Silver: This gallery stands out from the rest due to the shimmering lamps that adorn the ceiling, which are all handmade and imported from Turkey.  You can also see handmade jewelry and sculptures made with the finest Mexican silver here.

Galeria Corsica: Contemporary Mexican Fine Art made by both internationally renowned Mexican artists and new talent. This contemporary gallery is a must-see as there is a variety of sculptures and paintings that are sure to spark a conversation due to the many meanings that these pieces imply.

La Sacristia: Contemporary pottery and ceramics handmade in Mexico that are sure to put a smile on your face! This gallery showcases many smiling animal ceramics as showcased in the photos below.

There are many quaint shops throughout the Arts District were you can buy handmade souvenirs including glass hearts, bags, seed art bracelets, paintings, sculptures, etc. Here are a few photos of what you can buy during your visit to the Arts District.

I even saw a woman dressed up as an angel posing as a sculpture outside of the galleries.

After spending about an hour and a half walking through the galleries, our group went to Jazmins Restaurant for dinner. This restaurant was gorgeous and very spacious. There were winter holiday decorations, art pieces and life-size trees adorned with lights throughout the restaurant. Our tour included chips, one entrée and one beverage. I ordered the chicken mole with an iced tea which was delicious; the mole had a really good kick to it!

Here is a photo of Carla, the Social Media Coordinator at the Villa Group Los Cabos (on the left), and myself (on the right) at Jazmins Restaurant.

I specifically enjoyed visiting the Arts District during the Art Walk because there were many local artists there making their crafts and I had a chance to see their creative process. Below is a photo of a local artist making seed art, which I would not have been able to see if I didn’t go during the Art Walk event. The specific piece being made in this photo will take approximately 80 hours to compete and each seed is put into place by hand, one by one.

I highly recommend that you visit the Art Walk during your next vacation to Cabo San Lucas so you can experience all the beautiful art displays and experience the local culture.

For more information on the Art Walk and the Gallery District please click here.

To book a tour with Rancho Tours please click here or visit the Activities Office onsite at Villa del Palmar Cabo.

Art, Nature & Silver

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