Sayulita Beach Town
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Sayulita Beach Town

During my last visit to Villa del Palmar Flamingos, I took a cab to Sayulita to explore this city for the day. The cab ride took approximately 45 minutes and was a great way to see a new location that was not too far.

Upon arriving to Sayulita, I couldn’t help but notice the brightly colored banners adorning the streets, the large surfer population on the beach (after all, this is known as a surfer town), and the variety of shops and restaurants. Sayulita had street art decorating the walls and a lot of adorable hippie shops. I spent my afternoon walking through the town, exploring the shops, and taking in the culture of this quaint town.

Enjoying a paleta (fresh fruit popsicle) in the center of town.

Sayulita is known for surfing as the locals say this is where one can catch the perfect wave. Boat tours, snorkeling, diving, sailing, seeing the sea turtle release (seasonal), jungle biking, horseback riding, golf, yoga, canopy tours, ATV riding, and bird watching are also other popular activities here. Since I was only in town for a few hours and decided this trip last minute, I did not have time to partake in any of the previously listed activities but plan to return to do so.

While I was in Sayulita, I perused the shops and enjoyed the local arts and crafts. A few of my favorite shops were as follows:

  • Sayulita Sol Jewelry: This shop features unique hand-crafted jewelry that would make a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.
  • Entreamigos: This is a community center that has a library, classrooms, and shopping gallery featuring local, handmade crafts that  make the perfect souvenir.
  • Evoke the Spirit: Beautiful store with bohemian style handmade jewelry and home decorations.

Please note that photography is not allowed in any of the stores down here since the goods are so unique, so I unfortunately do not have any photos of these crafts or inside of the stores to share with you but hope you can make it to Sayulita soon to see the unique finds that this area boasts.

Me with a banana margarita at El Jakal restaurant.

I concluded my day in Sayulita with dinner at El Jakal restaurant. I had the jumbo coconut shrimp (shown below) paired with a banana margarita (shown above), which was mouth watering! This was easily one of the best meals I have ever had and I look forwarded to returning here as I find myself craving this coconut shrimp often!

Jumbo coconut shrimp at El Jakal restaurant.

Visiting Sayulita is a must for anyone looking to relax, find unique handmade crafts, eat delicious food, and experience this town’s hippie-surfer vibe.

If you have a vacation experience that you would like to share with us, please respond in the comments section below this blog or email it to me at

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