Signature Dolphin Swim
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Signature Dolphin Swim

During my last trip to Cabo San Lucas I had the pleasure of interacting with bottlenose dolphins during the Signature Dolphin Swim with Cabo Adventures.

The Signature Dolphin Swim began with our small group of nine people entering the salt water pool. The Marine Mammal Expert gave us a quick overview of the program and was in the water with us the whole time to tell us facts about dolphins and to help us meet and greet our new dolphin friend.

Our group interacted with a female dolphin named Lila. Our encounter began when Lila swam in front of us on her back so we could feel her smooth, rubbery skin.

Then, our Marine Mammal Expert guided us in moving our hands up and down in the air to get Lila to wave her fins and squeal in delight as we applauded to continue on with this activity. She did a flip in the water and we proceeded with more activities.

During this Signature Dolphin Swim, I was able to interact with Lila in a variety of ways.  Here are a few highlights of what I experienced.

Fin Shake:

Dolphin Kiss:

Dorsal Ride:

Collaborating with our group to get Lila to do tricks:

The Signature Dolphin Swim was a fun way to meet a new friend! I enjoyed learning about bottlenose dolphins and getting time to socialize with Lila one-on-one and amongst our small group. This activity was one of my favorites as I love animals and having the opportunity to interact with them. I definitely wouldn’t mind doing this activity every time I visit Cabo as I feel that each time would offer a unique experience.

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