Points Redemption Program

As a Villa Preferred Access member, you get more of everything you want in a vacation. More choices. More quality. More time. And, more flexibility to travel to your preferred destination during the dates you choose. Now, you have additional options which further enhance your resort experience.

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Puerto Vallarta Image Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta
Flamingos Image Villa del Palmar Flamingos
Cabo Image Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas/Villa del Arco
Cancun Image Villa del Palmar Cancun
Loreto image Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

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Points Redemption Program

As a member, you get more of everything you want in vacation. More choices. More quality. More time. And, more flexibility to travel to your preferred destination during the dates you choose. Now, you have additional points options which further enhance your vacation experience.  Endless possibilities are available for using your points. The points are flexible and do not restrict use to only weekly increments. Now as an added benefit of your membership, you can use your points to enjoy all the wonderful experiences while on vacation at the resort. Just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Make your reservation
Step 2: Add on your choice of products and services
Step 3: Use Points to pay for your selections

Planning Ahead with Points Makes It Easy!

Each year you can use as many points as desired from your annual point allocation and your vacation banked points towards the pre-purchase of products and services at the resorts. Please be advised that at least 50% of cash payment is required for all Points Redemption Purchases. Our reservation agents will review your membership to advise you on exactly how many points can be used towards your purchases. For examples of how to use your points please click on the corresponding links above next to your membership type.

At Universal Vacation Club International we continue to search for ways to make your vacations the best that they can be. Our commitment is to continually develop innovative programs that enhance your membership and your vacation experience.

To book reservations and purchase products or services, please call Member Services at 800-852-4755

If you already booked your reservation and want to add products or services, please call Pre-Arrival Services at 866-464-0249

Planning Ahead Makes it Easy

Example of Resorts Product and Services* Member Pricing Monetary Payment Required Points Redemption Needed**
All Inclusive Meal Plan
3 day adult $297.00 $148.50 345
5 day adult $495.00 $247.50 576
7 day adult $693.00 $346.50 806
3 day child $133.50 $66.75 163
5 day child $247.50 $123.75 288
7 day child $346.50 $173.25 403
Spa Services
Sea of Cortez Body Scrub $33.00 $16.50 38
$130 Desert Spa Gift Certificate $100.00 $50.00 116
2 – 80 min Baja Bliss facials $209.00 $104.50 243
6 – 80 min Massages $599.00 $299.50 697
Resort Services
Signature Villa Service $200.00 $100.00 233
In Room Amenities
Anniversary Basket $45.00 $22.50 52
Honeymoon Basket $60.00 $30.00 70
Love Basket $45.00 $22.50 52
Chelada (beer/chips/salsa) $27.00 $13.50 31
Cheese & Wine $50.00 $25.00 58
Chocolate covered Strawberries $20.00 $10.00 23
Fruit Plate $24.00 $12.00 28
**Points Redemption is the number of points that would be needed for the purchase of a Product or Service listed above. If the amount of points is not available in the members account, a monetary payment is allowed. Various points denominations may be used based on the rules of the Points Redemption Program.

Planning makes it easy 2 image

All-Inclusive Meal Plan

This is the ultimate convenience if you want to be waited on hand and foot! Allow our top chefs to spoil you and your taste buds, night after night at our delicious restaurants. Sit back and enjoy the finest in food and drink, all without ever lifting a pot or pan. No cooking, no hassle, no dishes. The All-Inclusive Meal Plan allows you to budget up front for your meal costs and eat anywhere on property throughout your stay without worrying about cash, credit cards or what you are ordering. The All-Inclusive Meal Plan includes all meals, beverages and snacks. If you want to go off property for some of your vacation, then you can choose a package that works for you and your family – we offer meal plans from 3-7 days for adults and children.

All Inclusive Meal Plan Image

Spa Services

Indulge yourself and allow the Villa Group’s world class spa experience to relieve every inch of tension in your body. The moment you step into the peaceful, inviting atmosphere of our spa you will be enveloped in a feeling of relaxation. Whatever problems or challenges you had when you stepped on the plane, this is where you can set them down. Our professional and soothing approach to healing and rejuvenation will allow you to experience a new level of peace. Choose from gift certificates, massages, facials, body treatments, manicures and pedicures and other salon services – there is something for everyone. You deserve this!

Spa Services Image

Activities and Signature Services

Our job is to make your vacation planning a little easier, so let us help you. Need another bottle of wine to enjoy in your suite? Did you run out of cheese while making tacos? Need milk for cereal? These last minute convenience items can be purchased with points. And for the ultimate VIP experience, try our Signature Service program that offers daily in-room, poolside, restaurant and children’s’ services that personalize your trip. We are waiting to help make your vacation extraordinary!

Loreto Image

In Room Amenities

Because EVERY day is special on vacation, we offer a wide variety of in-room options and packages that include different combinations of snacks, wine, cheese, fruit, chocolate, and candles. Think of how great it will be to walk in from the beach or pool and have some ice cold beer and chips, mouth-watering fresh fruit, or a delectable wine and cheese platter waiting for you. Or order a “Palmita Grocery bag” that includes staples like water, beer, coffee, bread, chips, salsa and more so all the basics are waiting for you when you arrive. You can score major points by surprising a loved one with a gorgeous gift basket to celebrate a special occasion. The choice is yours.

In Room Amenities Image

The Villa Preferred Access Experience

We want you to vacation the way you want to and with Villa Preferred Access, you are in charge of your family’s vacations. You have already made the commitment to vacation, so now you get to choose how you want to use time. The more points you purchase, the more points you have and the greater your opportunities to enjoy the benefits and services of the spectacular resorts.

VPA Experience Image

Endless Possibilities

Points can be used how you want to use them. Use your points to reserve your suite, and more.

The Possibilities are endless image

Imagine the Time

The Villa Group knows that life happens and members cannot always get away exactly when they want. Just because you could not vacation during one of your membership years, does not mean you will lose anything. Those points are there for when you need them. Just put them in your “bank” and use them later. Points should never be wasted; you just need to decide how to use them.

Imagine the time image

More Points… More Vacation

As an example, let’s say each year, your membership as a part of Villa Preferred Access provides your family 3,000 points to use on vacationing. Well one of those years you couldn’t make it to Mexico… not to worry here is how you can use them.<

*All products listed below including Resort Services and In Room Amenities will vary by resort location. Please ask the servicing agent for the services and exact pricing available at the resort to which you are traveling, as all prices may vary and are subject to change based on market conditions and without notice.
Villa Group – Vacation Possibilities Your Points Your Cash Your Value
Live in Luxury – Reserve a beautiful two bedroom suite in Cabo San Lucas for TEN Nights 3,900 $0 $4,500
Dining Pleasures- Purchase a Seven Day Meal Plan for Two 1,520 $623 $1,246
Pamper those you love – Purchase spa services in advance and save. She deserves a nice massage! 244 $100 $260
Stock the fridge – Not every meal needs to be in the restaurant. Stock up on some needed groceries and see the value of planning ahead. 122 $50 $120
Celebrating a Special Occasion? Surprise that special person with flowers upon arrival. 56 23 46
Total Cost 5,842 $796 $6,172

Now that’s using your points wisely – Because you started with 3,000 annual points and you had 3,000 vacation banked points you still have more points to use on future vacations to book your suite. Now that’s flexibility and value!