Who's Who

Q. Who is the UVC International?
A. UVCI is an award-winning vacation ownership management company servicing members of the Villa Group properties, including print and online websites and communications, Board of Directors and committee governance; onsite property management oversight, operations, third party management, inventory management, and administrative support to Eagle’s Wings Foundation.
Q. What is the Club's e-mail address?
A. ClubMail@MyUVCI.com
Q. What is the Club's fax number?
A. 702-263-9651
Q. Who is ResortCom International?
A. ResortCom is a full service vacation industry management servicing company. UVCI partners with ResortCom to provide comprehensive services to Villa Group-affiliated vacation clubs including: Information technology services, billing and inventory management, accounting functions including membership loan and assessment collections, member account management, reservations, vacation exchanges, rental program, enhanced benefits and financial services.

For complete information on all affiliated entities, please visit the Contact Us page.

Reservations and Benefits

Q. What is my Vacation Banking/Reservation deadline*?
A. For Floating Memberships:
Membership Type Summer Deadline Winter/Holiday Deadline
Villa del Mar PV 15-Jul 15-Sep
Non-Premier/Premier VDP PV 1-Aug 1-Oct
Non-Premier/Premier VDP Flamingos NV 15-Aug 15-Oct
Premier VDP Cabo Premier 15-Aug 15-Oct
Gold 1-Sep 1-Nov
VPA 1-Nov 1-Nov
VPA Elite 1-Nov 1-Nov
Residence Club 1-Nov 1-Nov
Q. I was issued a "Bonus Week" or "VIP Week" at the point of sale. How do I book this unit?
A. Please refer to the 800# listed on your certificate to make your arrangements.
Q. What is the difference between a "fixed" membership and a "floating" membership?
A. Fixed Memberships have use rights to a specified unit and week number while Floating Memberships have use rights within a specified season and unit type. Points memberships have the most flexibility and have added benefits like split week reservations, multi-day check-in, and enhanced reservation windows, among others.
Q. Why is there no availability when I call the club, but I can book nights on websites like Expedia.com?
A. Villa Del Palmar/Villa Del Arco Resorts were built by the developer, the Villa Group. As each week is sold to a Club membership, the developer gives one week of space to the Club. For example, if the developer has sold 75% of weeks to the Club, the developer owns the remaining 25% of inventory and may sell it to wholesale companies like Expedia or other wholesalers. This is why you might see advertisements online for space when you cannot book it through the Club.
Q. Can I upgrade my unit to a larger unit size or higher season?
A. Yes! Please contact the Club by calling 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico to inquire on rates and restrictions.
Q. Can I change my fixed week to alternate date?
A. Of course! Based on availability, you may reschedule your fixed week for an alternate date, for a fee of $100 (plus any seasonal upgrade fees/restrictions, if applicable) if completed by the reservation deadline. Once you have made this change you will not be guaranteed your specific unit as this maybe owned during this time by another member.
Q. Why are there restrictions on upgrading my unit to a larger size or higher season?
A. Although the Club wants to provide you with as many options as possible when using your membership, we have a commitment to make sure that owners of these units or seasons have the first choice. Any time that we restrict an upgrade, it is to protect the members that have purchased that inventory.
Q. Why can't I request a specific unit or location prior to arrival?
A. All room selections are done at the time of arrival and cannot be done prior, we appreciate your understanding in this matter. If you should have special requirements based on a medical condition, please contact the Club at 1-800-852-4755 or if calling from Mexico dial 800-461-0602 so that we may make arrangements for you.
Q. What is Vacation Banking?
A. Vacation Banking is an option offered through the Club allowing you to "save" your vacation weeks/points each year. The fee for Vacation Banking is $70 per week, per year and must be completed prior to your reservation deadline. (There is no fee for Gold and VPA Members).
Q. I thought that by using the Club's Vacation Banking option, my week would be saved for three years?
A. Although we do allow you to save a particular week/points up to three years for Premier members and five years for Gold and VPA members consecutive years in a row, you must renew the "bank" each year. A fee may be applicable per your membership type, per year and must be completed by your reservation deadline.
Q. Isn't my week automatically "banked" if I don't use it?
A. Unfortunately, we do not have any program that will automatically save your weeks/points for you. To bank unused weeks/points, make sure that you contact the Club at 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico by the reservation deadline each year.
Q. What are the benefits of Villa Preferred Access (VPA) Points Membership?
A. Please click here for a full description of the VPA experience.
Q. How many points do I need to stay at the various Villa del Palmar resorts?
A: Please click here to login to your Member Account and view the points chart.
Q: What is the Elite Program and how does it work?
A: The Elite Program is a rewards or loyalty-type program for VPA (points) owners that offers additional member benefits based on the number of points purchased. For a full description of the Elite Program and links to the benefits click here.
Q. What are the benefits of a VPA Points Biennial Membership?
A: A biennial membership offers the member "every-other-year" benefits. The benefits are the same as the regular annual membership with the exception of banking terms (annual members can bank 5 years, biennial can bank 1 year), borrowing or accelerated use (annual members can borrow 5 years, biennial can borrow 1 year), and Preferred Points use (Annual members can combine Preferred Points with Club Points for Unit upgrades 60 days or less prior to actual date of use. Biennial members can combine Preferred Points with Club Points for Unit Upgrades only up to 60 days prior to Check-in.)
Q: What is the difference between Preferred Time and Club Time?
A: A full resort is most efficient and keeps costs low for all members and guests. Both of these inventory programs are designed to help fill last minute vacancies and increase occupancy at the resorts. Preferred Time is additional space in the Club’s inventory allotment (space that belongs to members that they cannot use) that members can purchase separately from their regular time/points at a maintenance fee rate. Club Time is additional space in the Developer’s inventory allotment (space that has not yet been sold to a member) that members can purchase separately from their regular time/points at a competitive rate set by the Developer. Both Preferred time and Club time are great ways to extend your trip or invite friends and family to join you. Contact Member Services at 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico for information.

What is the Annual Club Calendar?

Maintenance Fee Deadlines
October Maintenance fee assessment bills will be mailed.
November 30th Maintenance fee payments due. 1st installment is due for members utilizing the quarterly maintenance fee payment option.
December 1st Unpaid maintenance assessments are delinquent and subject to late fees and penalties.
February 28 2nd installment due for members using quarterly maintenance fee payment option.
May 31st 3rd installment due for members using quarterly maintenance fee payment option.
August 31st 4th installment due for members using quarterly maintenance fee payment option.

Vacation Banking Deadlines

Summer Requests must be received by:
Villa del Mar 07/15
Villa del Palmar PV 08/01
Villa del Palmar Cabo 08/15
Gold (Summer) 09/01
Winter/Holiday Requests must be received by:
Villa del Mar 09/15
Villa del Palmar PV 10/01
Villa del Palmar Cabo 10/15
Gold (Winter/Holiday) 11/01
Elite/VPA Deadline 11/01

On Site - Puerto Vallarta / Cabo San Lucas / Nuevo Vallarta / Cancun / Loreto

Q. What amenities are available at the resort? (In-room and on-site?)
A. Please refer to the "Resorts" area of this website.
Q. How far is the resort from the airport?

A. In Cabo, the airport (Aeropuerto Internacional San Jose del Cabo) is located approximately 45 minutes from the resort. Round trip shuttle service can be arranged through the Club office by calling 1-800-852-4755 a minimum of 14 business days prior to arrival.

In Puerto Vallarta, the airport (Gustavo Diaz Ordaz) is located approximately 5-7 minutes from the resort. One way shuttle service can be arranged through the Club office by calling 1-800-852-4755 a minimum of 14 business days prior to arrival. The Flamingos resort is located approximately 20 minutes away from the airport.

In Cancun, the airport (Cancun International Airport) is about 30 minutes from the resort. You can arrange transportation to the resort through the Club office by calling 1-866-668-9261 a minimum of 14 days prior to arrival.

In Loreto, the airport (Loreto International Airport) is about 30 minutes from the resort. Transportation can be arranged round trip through the Club Office by calling 1-866-668-9088. Please schedule a minimum of 14 days before arrival.

Travel Arrangements/Travel Protection

Q. Does the Club handle airline reservations?
A. Yes, but only through Alaska Airlines for your travel to Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loréto. You can Book Airfare Online or call your Club Representative at 866-668-9088 or 800-461-0648 if dialing from Mexico to help plan your travel.
Q. Can the Club arrange transportation from the airport to my resort in Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Cabo, Cancun or Loreto?
A. Yes! For a nominal fee, we can arrange one-way transportation from the airport to the resort in Puerto Vallarta, one-way transportation from the airport to the resort in Nuevo Vallarta, and roundtrip transportation in Cabo, Cancun, and Loreto. Please contact a Member Services Representative (1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico) for details and reservations. 14 business days advance notification is required.
Q. What travel protection do I receive with my benefits?
A. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN! Traveling can be fun and exciting, but when you are far away from home, handling an emergency can be overwhelming. ResortCom has partnered with Chubb Travel Insurance to provide medical and travel assistance when you need it the most. For further program details please refer to our Chubb Travel Insurance page.


Q. What is the difference between Vacation Banking with the Club, and "banking" with an Exchange Company?
A. Utilizing the Vacation Banking option will save your vacation weeks/points for use within UVCI. Once vacation weeks/points are "banked" with your Exchange Company, they cannot be used within the club, and must be used through the exchange company.
Q. How do I exchange my week with an Exchange Company?
A. Please contact the club at 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico to begin this process. Agents will then guide you through the steps of exchanging your weeks/points.
Q. Why can't I check availability with RCI or Interval International before depositing my vacation week?
A. Your Exchange Company must first assess the value of your time prior to determining what you are able to confirm. For this reason, they require the week to be deposited prior to initiating a "search" for your desired dates.
Q. What if RCI or Interval International (II) are unable to confirm an exchange for me?
A. If your exchange company is unable to confirm an instant exchange for you, they will place a "search" for your desired destination and dates. If a match does not become available, you will have a two-year window from the date of reservation date to utilize that week at a later time.
Q. What is a "Getaway"?
A. Getaway weeks are last minute space that is available through Interval International. These weeks can be reserved without giving up your vacation weeks at your home resort. RCI has a similar program called "Vacation Escapes". Contact RCI or Interval International for more information.

Rental Program

Q. How do I place my week in the rental program?
A. To utilize the Club’s sanctioned rental program, you must fill out a rental agreement and submit to the rental department starting on October 1st for the following year’s program. This program begins October 1st and generally closes shortly thereafter due to its popularity and limited space. The rental program will only accept “new” weeks which excludes any weeks/points that have been Vacation Banked, Borrowed, Transferred or Accelerated, including Gold/ Preferred weeks. For more information visit the Rental Program page.

Maintenance Fees

Q. What are the "operating" and "reserves" portions of my Maintenance Fee bill?
A. Your Maintenance Fee is divided into two segments, the operating portion and the reserves portion. The operating funds are used for daily operations of the resorts (housekeeping, maintenance and front desk etc.) and the Club office. The reserve portion is set aside for refurbishments, improvements or repair that the resorts may require in the future.
Q. What is the "Eagle's Wing's Foundation" optional donation on my Maintenance Fee bill?
A. The Eagle's Wings foundation was founded in 1998 by Board members and Villa del Mar owner, James McCarthy. The Foundation is a non-profit organization which benefits charities in the Puerto Vallarta and Cabo communities.
Q. Can I book my reservations prior to paying my Maintenance Fees?
A. Reservations can only be secured after payment for the week/points you are utilizing has been received.
Q. When will I receive my Maintenance Fee bill?
A. The Club's normal billing cycle for Maintenance Fees is October 1 -30 each year. For new memberships purchased after October 1, you should receive your Maintenance Fee bill approximately 30 days after being activated in the Club's computer system.
Q. When are the Maintenance Fees due?
A. The maintenance fees are billed in October each year and are due upon receipt. The delinquency date is December 1. If you have purchased mid-year, your payment is due 60 days after the billing date.
Q. Do I still have to pay my maintenance fees if I don't use my week/points?
A. Yes. As outlined in your contract, the maintenance fees are the responsibility of each member regardless of your use of the property.
Q. Why am I receiving another bill when I have recently upgraded my membership?
A. Please refer to your Membership Disclosure Statement to verify the first year occupancy for your new contract. Your billing correlates directly to the first year of use designated on your contract.
Q. Isn't the first year Maintenance Fees included in my purchase price?.
A. Your maintenance fees are not included in the purchase price of your contract. To review this information in your contract, please refer to the Purchase and Security Agreement.
Q. Can I have my maintenance fee automatically deducted from my credit card each year?
A. Yes. Please contact the Club at 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico for an Automatic Debit Form.


Q. Does the Club or the Developer offer any resale options for my Membership?
A. Currently, there is no mechanism offered by the Club or the Developer to assist in the resale of your weeks/points. Although there are resale companies in existence, the Club does not recommend or endorse any of these organizations.
Q. How can I transfer Ownership of my Membership Contract?
A. Contact Member Services by emailing memberservicesadmin@resortcom.com for complete instructions and requirements for Ownership Transfer. Memberships must be paid in full and have current maintenance fees to begin the process.
Q. How can I add a name, change a name or remove a name from my Ownership contract?
A. Please email Member Services at memberservicesadmin@resortcom.com for assistance with adding, changing, and/or removing a name from your Ownership contract.


Q. Is this a deeded property?
A. Your membership is not deeded, it is a right-to-use property. Your use period(s) depend on the terms of your contract and vary between the resorts. Please refer to your contract, or contact the Club office at 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico if you are unclear of your use periods.
Q. When does my membership expire?
A. Our Memberships are thirty-years, while the some older contracts have a standard expiration date. Please refer to the Purchase and Security Agreement in your contract documents to confirm your expiration date or you can contact the Club at 1-800-852-4755 or 800-461-0602 if dialing from Mexico.
Q. Will my contract be renewed upon expiration?
A. Any renewal or extension offers of your contract will be at the discretion of the Development entity of your resort. You may visit the sales center on your next visit to receive more information.
Q. How can I review the Membership Rules and Regulations?
A. Click here to view your Club’s governing documents, member benefits and Club-specific information.


Q. How much are property taxes for the Club?
A. You, as a member of the Club, are not responsible for paying property tax.

Late Fee Policy (Effective January 1, 2017)

Q: What is UVCI’s late fee policy?
A. Because late cancellations affect the ability to fill the inventory at short notice, UVCI has been authorized to assess graduated late fees (see chart below) for reservations that are cancelled more than 30 days from arrival, and less than 30 days to arrival, per the attached fee schedule. Last minute cancellations have ripple effects that affect hotel operations in terms of planned staffing, inventory allotment control, room assignments, and related marketing expenses. These fees are assessed to cover administrative costs involved with processing cancellations to the system, subsequent notification to the resort, and are effort to recoup lost income for reservations that cannot be rebooked.
UVC Member Fees
Program or Service Fee
No Show Fee $250.00
Reinstatement Fee $130.00
Split Fee $70.00
Within 24 hours of booking $0.00
More than 30 days from arrival $100.00
30 days or less $200.00
Holiday –Cancellations -
over 30 days $150.00
30 days or less $250.00
Reservation No Fee
Vacation Banking $70.00 late $130.00
Vacation Borrow $70.00 late $130.00
Upgrade Fee Based on value of week/points
Transfer Fee $250.00
VSL Fee Fee is current year MF rate
MF Annual Service $5.00
MF Monthly Fee $5.35
MF Quarterly Fee
$9.70/quarter for one interval
$12.70/quarter for multiple intervals
MF Late Fee 12% of maintenanace fee (one time charge)
MF Finance Charge 12% per annum (based on outstanding balance)
Account Reinstate $75.00