Vacation Club Information

The Villa Group developers have built an amazing array of beautiful and unique resort properties throughout Mexico. There are different vacation clubs affiliated with the Villa Group family of resorts. This is because of the varying ownership of each property, as well as the different types of memberships sold at each resort. All the Clubs offer a wide variety of Member Services, programs and benefits.

Club structure, and the applicable rules and regulations, vary somewhat between the Clubs. Members of all clubs have reciprocal use benefits at each resort destination in accordance with their respective membership type and the terms of their contracts. Please check with Member Services to understand your internal exchange options at each property.

Each Club has its own set of Governing documents. To access these Rules & Regulations, financial information and other Club-specific information, please review the links below and click to download the information. Or, please send a written request to the UVCI Corporate office at for a copy of your Club’s Rules and Regulations.