Member Advisory Committee (MAC)

Do you want to become more involved with your Club? The role of the Member Advisory Committee (MAC) is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Villa Group, resort management and UVCI; the MAC provides ideas and recommendations for programs, services and amenities, resort enhancement, and member services, both offsite and on property. Over the years many MAC suggestions have been implemented for the benefit of members and guests visiting the Villa Group resorts.

There is no reimbursement or compensation for travel costs, rooms or other expenses. However, MAC members find that participation on the committee is very rewarding as it allows them to connect to others with similar interests, strengthen the membership community, and develop relationships with each other and resort and Club management.

Here is some general information about the process, and the Committee:

  • Terms - Committee terms are three years, and five members are rolled off each year as five new members join the committee (subject to change).
  • Applications – Applications are a one-page questionnaire which is emailed to the primary email account for all UVC and VPA Club members on an annual basis, usually in early January. UVCI receives more than 80 applications each year and is charged with the difficult task of narrowing down that list to 5 positions. Decisions are based on an unbiased and impartial scoring system that weights various factors such as frequency of visits, multiple destinations visited, and depth of questionnaire responses. Names are hidden and a strict numbering system is used to select the top 5 scores, thereby removing any bias.
  • Conference Calls – There are two conference calls during the year, one on or about February/March and the other usually in August. *Dates are subject to change
  • Meeting - There is one in-person meeting per year which is held in conjunction with the Member Social (locations and dates are subject to change, but the Social is usually in the fall). MAC members take the opportunity to use their regular time/points and book a vacation at that time in order to participate in the face-to-face MAC meeting and other Member Social events. Rooms and airfare are not provided. Attendance at the in-person MAC meeting is not required; however, most MAC members do attend. They have made it a tradition to time their vacation to coincide with the Member Social Meeting to take advantage of the special events taking place.
  • Transportation - MAC members attending the Annual Social are provided one way complimentary shuttle transportation to the resort for two people.
  • VIP Events -As a “Thank you” to the participants of the MAC, during the Member Social week, UVCI provides refreshments during the MAC meeting, and hosts a special VIP lunch as well as a VIP dinner (held with the hotel executives, UVC Board members and the Eagle’s Wings Foundation Board members.) The remainder of the events (breakfast, luncheon, Membership 101 meeting, Presentations) are sponsored by the Club as part of the Member Social. These are complimentary to two people for your membership account; however you must be registered in advance for the meeting as we sell out each year. Eagle’s Wings Foundation events require a separate registration fee that goes directly to fundraising efforts supporting the Vallarta region. Registration for the Member Social is posted online and send via email on or about January or February each year. **Please note, MAC members are volunteers and are not compensated for their time or reimbursed for travel costs. If attending the Member social, MAC members use their own vacation ownership points for travel.
If you feel that your background, interest and enthusiasm is well suited for the (MAC), and you meet the requirements for participation, we welcome you to submit an application. Requirements:
  • MAC members must be in good standing and current on maintenance fees and loans.
  • MAC members must attend and participate, in person or by teleconference, in two of the three MAC meetings each calendar year.
  • MAC members must use best efforts to visit one of the Villa Group resorts for at least a week every other year and provide feedback to the MAC regarding each visit.
  • MAC members must use best efforts to attend the Member Social meeting in person.

UVCI would like to assure each member that your feedback is no less valuable on or off the MAC. Although the MAC merely provides a method to garner suggestions, we welcome ideas from all members whenever you visit one of the resorts.

We very much appreciate your interest and dedication to the improvement of your Club.