• Check-in time: 4 pm.
  • Check-out time: 11 am.

Yes, we are a smoke-free property. At Villa La Valencia designated smoking areas are marked and are the only areas where smoking is allowed.

The Villa Group’s No Smoking Policy is as follows: The enjoyment and safety of our members and guests during their visit is what we strive for every day. To assist us in this endeavor, all units, lobbies, pool areas and restaurants within any Villa Group Resort property has been designated as non-smoking. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. However, we ask that you work with us in this regard to assist us in keeping our guests safe, keep our cleaning costs lower, and consider those who may not be able to tolerate the odor. Additionally, smoking sections have been designated by the lobby to the right or on the beach areas. Please refrain from smoking in any other area mentioned above. Should Management be informed of smoking in the room, additional fees will be added to your bill to off-set the cost of the cleaning. We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Please note that from the resort, swimming in the beach is not allowed due to strong undertow and rough surf. However, there are nearby beaches that are safe and open for swimming.

For those of you who love to swim and play in the water, here is a list of places where you can swim in the ocean. The list is from Cabo San Lucas (km 0) and the corridor to San Jose del Cabo (about km 30.)

Cabo’s Top swimmable beaches:

Playa el Médano, or Médano Beach
Being the most popular beach in Cabo, spans several kilometers along the Cabo Bay. This is where you’ll find all the action.
Chileno beach
Another great swimming beach, Playa Chileno, is a popular destination among locals. Filled with tropical fish, Chileno Beach also happens to be the most frequented site for snorkeling and diving tours.
Santa Maria beach
Playa Santa Maria and Playa Chileno are swimmable snorkeling coves. Snorkeling and diving tours from Cabo visit these coves.
Lover’s beach
A short boat ride away from Médano Beach, Lover’s Beach should be a part of anyone’s trip to Cabo. It is right by Land’s End and very close to the famous arch.
Divorce beach
Though not safe for swimming, this beach is a popular attraction to check out in your next trip to Cabo. It’s right across from Lover’s Beach on the Pacific side of Land’s End.
Palmilla beach
is swimmable and has easy public access. This beach has lifeguard and fishing pangas, but no water sports.
Zippers Beach
A favorite surfing beach; swimming is not allowed here.
  • Sport Fishing
  • Whale Watching Tour (Seasonal: Dec.-March)
  • Golf
  • Snorkeling & Diving
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Zip line adventure
  • Parasailing
  • Sky Tours
  • Swim with Dolphins
  • Boat Tours